• Large Commercial Installations
  • University & USDA Tested
  • American Manufactured
  • Top Agricultural Experts
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Full Spectrum Agricultural Light 
  • Tesla Technology
  • Unique Vegetative & Flower Lamps
  • Lowest Carbon Footprint
  • 100,000 Hour Lamp Life


  • Increased Yield Per Square Foot
  • Higher Quality
  • Increased Predictability
  • Increased Production
  • Increased Profits

iGROW is the only University and USDA tested and validated agricultural induction light.
So, if a company is selling induction lighting for agriculture make sure you ask these questions:

  • What due diligence have they done with the industry experts at major agricultural universities and the USDA?
  • What induction lighting expertise does that company have?
  • Have they done any large scale installations? If so, where and when?
  • Can they support their claims that they are a crop specific induction lighting company?


The agricultural industry has a significant need to be more energy and environmentally conscious. Do not be taken advantage of by companies that know your need and just say they are an agricultural induction light company. Make sure that they have done their due diligence in agricultural academia. If there are companies that are saying they have an induction light that is agricultural specific and they are not from iGROW then make sure you take the time to find out the facts. 


iGROW – IS THE ONLY TRUE AGRICULTURAL INDUCTION LIGHTING that was developed with the top induction lighting experts and continues to be the only agricultural specific induction light validated by University and USDA experts and has major installations in vegetable, floriculture and cannabis production all across our county. We are committed to our customers and have the information we have learned over 6 years of working with farmers and growers. The knowledge learned will assure that we have the ability to help you with successful implementations of our technologies.


vsHPSInduction vs. Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium

iGrow Induction Lighting has allowed farmer and growers the ability to have a tool that is both energy efficient and effective for the agricultural industries. This breakthrough technology will now help all farmers and growers change from their high energy consuming, high cost of operation cultivation practices. Using the iGROW Induction Lighting Technology will now make sure all cultivators have a sustainable, environmental, low cost of operation and a long term profitability and success.

See how they stack up.