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Thank you for your interest in becoming an iGROW® Exclusive Dealer. The first step to becoming a dealer is to fill out the form below. All iGROW dealers are given an exclusive territory of their own, so before we speak to you we need to verify your location/s to make sure it is currently available. We will absolutely contact you within 48 hours to set up a time to talk about our program and answer all your questions.

Why Become an Exclusive Dealer of iGROW?
iGROW Induction Lighting for Growers is going to be the most exciting and beneficial new technology to enter the market in many years, and why your customers are going to want to learn more about it from you. We know that once you have educated your customers about the iGROW technologies, iGROW will be the obvious choice and the light they will purchase. At the end of the day, an educated consumer will be your best customer.

As the exclusive dealer in your area, your store will be the only place to find this remarkable technology. This will make your Store stand out among the rest, as the place growers want to come for the best and innovative products the maket has to offer.

Your customers are looking for your expertise, advice and knowledge, that's why they come to your stores, once you are an iGROW dealer you will be trained and have the services available to you to be the leader of the pack.