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iGROW Inductio Lighting has been a premier agricultural lighting system for farmers for over 11 years.  Founded on the principles of research and development the iGROW Induction Lighting Systems have been used in USDA, University and Commercial Agricultural Industries. 

Why iGROW?

iGROW Induction Lighting is not just an energy-saving grow light but a tool that has been tested and verified to produce the results that are required for sustainable success in the agricultural business. 

Over 10,000 Lights Sold

While most energy-efficient and new lighting systems for agriculture are in the news though promotions and paid for advertising, iGROW Induction Lighting has earned its success though the validation of clients who use it to assure their companies success through high-quality cultivation. 

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We would like to hear from you.  We are a commercial agricultural manufacturer and have the information needed to empower your next lighting decisions. 

iGROW Induction Lighting

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