Agricultural Light Technology Experts

Agricultural Lighting Experts

iGROW was founded on the principles of becoming experts in all fields of agriculture.  Our custom light spectrum was deigned specific for a plant and not for human vision.  The sun is the most powerful light source and most light technologies can only capture a portion of either the suns intensity or color spectrum.  iGROW was developed as a  true delivery method for plants to absorb full color and intensity at the same time. 

Our extensive experience for almost ten years in the agricultural communities has allow iGROW to be one of the leader and innovators in this new and technologically advanced agricultural industry. 

iGROW has been installed in commercial vegetable farms, flower farms and cannabis farms across the country and with this experience the professional designers at iGROW can make sure you have the proper lighting, controls and environment for the most successful crops.

Working With Farmers

Lighting is a Farming Tool

No matter which type of crop you are cultivating it is important to understand that light is just another farming tool.  Understanding how to use this tool and how this tool affects your crops is a key component to success. As more and more agricultural lighting enters the industry it is important to make sure that the company understands how their tool is used and how it affects the other systems around it. iGROW has been around for almost 10 years working with farmers not just to sell lights that save energy and the environment, but lights that can work for the farmer to allow them to make more money. 

Light Photometric Analysis

When your company has engaged with iGROW we will align your business with our professionals to work hand in hand to provide the proper lighting design specific to your crop and geographical location.  There is an enormous amount of digital data that will now assist in supporting the proper lighting methods.  If your farm is in California or your farm is in Maine then you should not have the same lighting demands.  iGROW will use the latest computer generated software and historical data of reagonal weather paterns to design the lighting specific to your crop.  

If you are an indoor cultvator iGROW will design your canopy area specific to your crops day lighting intensity requirements. 

3D Virtual Tours

iGROW offers the ability to build your cultivation facility and take a walk around before it has ever been built.  This service has proven to be very effective in understanding the spacial impact of the tools and equipment that you will use in your facility.  There are too many times that companies build out there farms to then realize that they could have used  space more effectively to increase productivity. 

Imagine if you can have the ability to jump inside the cultivation facility and make sure that the designs you have will meet your plant count or canopy, requirements.  

*not necessary to be done with iGROW Lighting

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