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Lighting is a Farming Tool

Lighting used in agriculture is not the same as all other forms of lighting.  Lights used in greenhouses for supplemental lighting or lights being used in indoor facilities as primary lights do make a direct impact on the quality and health of the crops being cultivated. Farmers look at lighting as another tool that has to be proven and effective at increasing their bottom line not just by energy savings, but through higher quality more revenue.

iGROW Induction Lighting was founded on the principle or working hand in hand with farmers to work together to change how lights are used and to increase profitability all while saving money and our environment. 

Research & Development

In any industry it is crucial to do your diligence on a product you are selling and supply your client with proven data on how it will work to their benefit. 

Over the past few years there has been hundreds and soon to be thousands of new agricultural lighting companies pop up.   The food, floriculture and medicinal crop industries growth has drawn these new companies to enter the agricultural field. These companies lack the expertise, experience and technologies to actually change the way farmers use their tools and sell based upon a chart or graph of the sun and compare it to a chart or graph of their lighting.  

iGROW Induction Lighting was founded on the principles of research and development, then once we understood the full affects of our technology move to early adapters who proved in the filed our results from our research and now we are one of the proven lighting technologies used in large scale facilities across the country.  

Proven Leaders In Agricultural Lighting

iGROW Indcution Lighting has sold over 10,000+ lights into the aricultural industry sectors over the past 9 years.  We have prided our success to the researchers and farmers who worked with us so many years ago.  Together we have all worked to make a difference in how agricultural lighting is verified and validated which will allow energy savings technologies and equipment be accepted and implemented in farms across the country and globe.

If you are growing in a greenhouse or an indoor facility you need to learn about iGROW and how we can help you be the most effective and efficient cultivator no matter what crop you are growing.